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About us

The Regional Tourism Organisation Matúšova zem - Mátyusföld (Matthew´s Land) was established at the end of 2021 with the aim of developing and promoting tourism, increasing the number of visitors and creating new, attractive offers in the region.

Matyusföld is the name of a region located in the southern part of the Trnava region, between the Little Danube and the Váh river. It refers to Matthew of Bohemia, who was once the most powerful ruler of this part of Slovakia in the 14th century.

The centre of the region is Galanta with the monuments of the Esterházy noble family. Their subjects left water mills here, decors of the flat landscape, as if they were made for cycling around the winding river. Today, the region offers water-related experiences and adventures - river-rafting, a wide choice of thermal baths and aquaparks, romantic sunset boat trips and diving in natural lakes. Lovers of culture, history, gastronomy and wine will also find something what they like.

About us


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