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In the Shadow of water mills

Water Edge-Runner Mill Tomášikovo

The Tomášikovo Water Edge-Runner Mill from 1895 is located in a picturesque natural environment on the shore of the Little Danube, near the village of Tomášikovo. It has been preserved in its original state, without any disturbance to the structure, with a complete and serviceable mill equipment. In the present it serves as a technical heritage of folk milling in southern Slovakia.

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Jelka Water Edge-Runner Mill

The mill is located on the left bank of the Little Danube, which meanders for 23 km around the village. The mill is a remarkable technical monument in Slovakia and is considered unique in Central Europe. A visit here is a must, a real trip back in time, and the surroundings are beautiful. There is also an open-air museum near the mill, which displays the agricultural tools and machinery of the past, as well as the everyday tools of peasant life. The exhibition includes several special wagons and carts. The most recent renovation took place in 2020.

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