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The recreational area of the water reservoir Kráľová, also known as Kaskády, is located on the Váh River, approximately 6 km from the town of Galanta. It is an attraction for lovers of water sports and fishing - the reservoir is also used for cruises. Skaters and cyclists will also find an enjoyable place here.


Thermal Centre GALANDIA - The main building is the centre of the thermal complex with year-round operation, in which the pool hall with four stainless steel pools plays a major role. A relaxation pool, a children's pool and a water slide - the whole family will have a great time. The extensive outdoor area is open during the summer months.

Currently closed!


Summer Thermal center Vincov Les is one of the most popular and sought-after recreation centers in western Slovakia. In a pleasant environment and close to the town of Sládkovičovo, it offers pleasant relaxation and entertainment for all ages.
On an area of 7 hectares there are currently a total of 6 outdoor pools which are heated or directly filled with thermal water with a temperature of 24 °C to 40 °C, which has beneficial effects especially for musculoskeletal problems.


Thermal centre Horné Saliby is a well-known place for family holidays and vacations. They offer relaxation in swimming pools and sport activities. The Horné Saliby Thermal park is accessible all year round and also provides relaxation and rehabilitation services.


AVA Thermalpark Diakovce - the newly renovated complex offers relaxation in 5 pools with geothermal water, including 2 relaxing bubble pools with massage chairs, jets, 1 total relax with massage seats and jets, 1 swimming pool and 1 children's pool with a large water castle and a number of attractions, 2 water slides and many sports and entertainment options for children and adults. Accommodation is available directly in the swimming pool area, in cabins, hotel and camping. The swimming pool offers a wide range of catering services from farmhouse delicacies to sweet treats for the little ones.


Aquarea Čierna Voda - sports and relaxation area is located between Veľké Úľany - Nové Osady and Čierna Voda. Here you will find: pebble beaches, volleyball court, petanque court, certified children's playground, bistro with fast food and drinks, café bar with drinks, terraces and places with umbrellas with seating and much more. The resort provides opportunities for fishing, diving and sports activities.

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