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For cycling lovers

Do you like to travel and explore cities on your bicycle? Here are some tips for bike tours around the area.

Several sections of cycle paths have recently been added in Matthew's Land and more are planned. In total, there are 14 routes in the Galanta district with a length of 162 km.

From Galanta you can join the Vážska cyklomagistrála, from Jelka you can ride towards Senec, from Tomášikov to the dam in Čierna Voda, history lovers can take the cycling route Following the footsteps of water mills and get to know the precious technical monuments of our region.

All the cycle paths run on flat, easy terrain, so they are suitable for children and people who do not cycle every day. There is also no special equipment needed, a trekking or cross bike and a taste for active recreation are ideal for the route.


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